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I was only 19 - the John Schumann Story
1968. I was in Year 10 at Blackfriars Prior School in South Australia, grappling with Latin and the Periodic Table...

Sex versus Country Music
I am from Adelaide – a cute little town to the south of here - a bit like Ballarat with a gay community.

Musings on Power and Glory
Readers who follow the AFL might have seen our band, the Vagabond Crew, play a couple of songs at the MCG on Anzac Day in 2009

Musings on Arts Subsidies 2005
When a nervous David Kemp, Commonwealth Minister for the Arts, released James Strong’s report into Australia’s symphony orchestras...

I’ve Been to Dili Too
Monday morning. December 18, 2009. Mercifully, the heavy rain that lashed Darwin during night had backed off a bit for our walk across the tarmac to the plane.

Inaugural Brian Medlin Memorial Lecture
On December 8, 1992 Brian Medlin wrote to the Adelaide Review.

Lawsons - ABC Perspectives
This is the text of a ‘Perspectives' piece, broadcast on Radio National...

Treatment of Witnesses in Child Abuse Cases - My Experience
In 2011 and 2012 I became involved, as a witness, in a case of sexual abuse of a minor. This case was, ultimately, brought before the District Court in Adelaide...

19 and reclaim Australia
I wrote “I was only 19” to help ordinary Australians understand the plight of our Vietnam veterans. I was very disturbed to learn this morning that “I was only 19” had been performed at least one Reclaim Australia rally...

A Redgum versus a redgum
Let me say from the outset that I love trees – especially Australian natives and especially river redgums...