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> Single: On Every Anzac Day & Anzac Biscuits
> Behind the Lines
> Lawson
> Gelignite Jack

> Etched In Blue 1987

> Looby Loo 1989
> True Believers 1993

Etched In Blue 1987
Borrowed Ground
Thunder Across The Reef
Holy Mary
Coming Home
Safe Behind The Wire
He's Got The Money
Yuppy Days
After The Party
For The Children
Borrowed Ground Reprise 1788-1988

John Schumann: Lead vocals, 6 and 12 string Acoustic Guitars
Louis McManus: Mandolin, Guitars, Fiddle, Tambourine
Mal Logan: Piano and Keyboards
Grey Lyon: Bass
Geoff Bridgford: Drums and Program

Others: Russell Hinton, Mark Punch, Tony Buchanan, Steve Sowerby, Peter Cobbin,
The Debettes, Jo-Jo Smith, Kelly Auty.

Produced and Engineered by Peter Cobbin.

Recorded at the Music Farm Studios, Coorabel NSW between 28/5/87 and 21/6/87 All music and lyrics copyright John Schumann 1987, except the chorus of "Holy Mary" which was written by Marty Atchison.

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Looby Loo 1988
She'll be coming around the mountain
I had a cat
The alley-alley-oo
This old man
Do your ears hang low?
Little rabbit in the wood
I hear thunder
The Fox
Michael Finnigin
Mum doesnt like us playing the drums around here
Working on the railway
Mr. Frog
Dr. Knicker-Bocker
One man went to mow a meadow
Six little ducks
For the Children
MR. Quangle-Wangle-Quee

John Schumann - vocals, acoustic guitar and programming
Mal Logan - piano, keybaords, spoons and programming
Louis McManus - Acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo and fiddle
Tommy Emmanuel - Acoustic and electric guitars
Gus Fenwick - Bass
Greg Henson - Drums and Percussion
The Australian Chinese Children's Choir - backing vocals

Produced by Petter Cobbin, Mat Logan and John Schumann
Engineered by Petter Cobbin
Mixed, Edited, Mastered and cut by Peter Cobbin

Recorded and mixed at CBS Studios, 11 Hargreave Sreet Sydney between 26.9.88 and 17.10.88

"This album is dedicated, with much love, to Adelaide and Matthew Schumann, Freya and Mervyn Cobbin, Denny and Pad Handlin, James and Tom Lidstone, Eddy and James Foster, Tom Phillips, Sam Octoman, Edward Prescott, Clare Jarret, Anthony and James Marshall, Ben and Nicolas Karpin and all the other kids in the world"

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True Believers 1993
If I Close My Eyes
Leigh Creek Road
Fallen Angel
Eyes on Fire
Working Class Man

Roll On The Day
Clancy Of The Overflow
If The War Goes On
Hyde Park Calling
Plympton High
Eyes On Fire (accoustic)
If I Close My Eyes (Reprise)

John Schumann: Lead vocals, 6 and 12 string Acoustic Guitars
Mal Logan: piano, hammond, keyboards, percussion
Renee Geyer - backing vocals
David Lynch - accoustine and electric guitar, dobro
Steve Bull - bass guitar and fretless bass
Bill Heckenberg - drums
Rob Hirst - drums on "Eyes on Fire"
Craig Walsh - backing vocals
Graham Jesse - saxophones
Wayne Goodwin - mandolin, fiddle
Rex Goh - electric guitars
Simon Tonx - harmonica, keyboards, percussion, mac and effects

All music and lyrics by John Schumann, except Working Class Man (J Cain) and Clancy of the Overflow (lyrics A.B Paterson music John Schumann). Additional lyrics to Plympton High - W. Anthony, D Flanagan. Additional lyrics and background briefing to Leigh Creek Road - Marshall Soogun

Recorded at Hargrave St, East Sydney, September 1992

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