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> Single: On Every Anzac Day & Anzac Biscuits
> Behind the Lines
> Lawson
> Gelignite Jack

> Etched In Blue 1987
> Looby Loo 1989
> True Believers 1993

Behind the LinesBehind the Lines - cover art
Boy on the Run
The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
Scots of the Riverina
No Man’s Land
To an Old Mate
Mothers Daughters Wives
Khe Sahn (Long Tan version)
My Country
I was only 19
Wings of an Eagle
Safe Behind the Wire
When the War is Over
I’ll Be Gone
Waltzing Matilda

Lawson - John Schumann & the Vagabond Crew

Cover Art - LawsonTo an Old Mate
Knocking About
Glass on the Bar
Second Class Wait Here
Faces in the Street, Bush Girl
Taking His Chance
Scots of the Riverina
To Hannah
Prouder Man than You
The Low Lighthouse
The Shame of Going Back
To Jim


Gelignite Jack

I was only 19 Gelignite Jack - cover art
The Long Run
Last Frontier
Where Ya Gonna Run To
I’ve Been to Bali Too
Borrowed Ground
Thunder Across The Reef
Holy Mary
For the Children
If I Close My Eyes
Eyes On Fire
Clancy of The Overflow
One True Game
Faces in the Street
To Hannah

All music and lyrics John Schumann Universal Music
(except Holy Mary: John Schumann and Marty Atchison)