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JohnJohn Schumann changed the way this nation thinks. With a true story.

Originally coming to prominence as leader of the legendary folk-rock band Redgum and his Vietnam veterans’ anthem I Was Only 19, John Schumann continues to occupy an important place on the Australian cultural landscape.

An accomplished musician, writer, political activist and public intellectual, John has achieved more in one lifetime than most people could hope to accomplish in two.

In recent years, John has brought his unique approach to public speaking to concert halls, conferences, convention centres, and lecture theatres around Australia. John has spoken in every Australian city as well as London, Hawaii, Shanghai and Jakarta.

He’s also spoken in places as far flung and diverse as Wilpena Pound, Blinman, Port Hedland and Cairns. John is equally at home and comfortable in a five-star banquet room as he is around a campfire in the desert.

John identifies and articulates those things that ring true in our daily lives and he tells a compelling set of stories about what it means to be Australian. In doing so, he draws on all aspects of our life and history, including our preoccupation with sport, our involvement in various wars including Vietnam, our music, our literature and the way we conduct our national affairs.

Simply, John Schumann helps us all to see beyond the images thrust at us by advertising agencies, marketing companies, politicians and those would prevent us seeing ourselves as we really are

John Schumann speaks with wit, warmth and passion.

Described by one of his delighted clients as “a gentleman with an Australian accent”, John is the speaker for all seasons and any occasion. His education, easy humour, free-ranging intellect and extraordinary breadth of experiences connect him every audience.

John is as comfortable with a room full of academics or senior politicians as he is talking
to a group of road-workers and station-hands in an outback pub. With his irreverent humour, his larrikin approach and his different way of seeing, he entertains, inspires, teaches ...

His voice always resonates..

John Schumann

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